Ernest & Rebecca: Buzz

“Rebecca is no sticky sweet angel. She is a bit bratty and temperamental at times. However, she’s also no nightmare child who gets away with murder – she acts like a real kid would.” — THE LADIES OF COMICAZI


“Young fans of the series will clamor to read this volume, which continues to show how the sisters adjust to their new family situations.” — BOOKLIST


“I read the whole thing and I kept reading it and reading it.” – Mariah, age 8 on COMICS IN THE CLASSROOM


INTERVIEW: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of an Ernest & Rebecca cover in this fantastic profile on Girl Scouts’ The Studio.


“Bianco’s writing — translated by Joe Johnson — is terrific, filled with humor and humanity. Readers will fall in love with Rebecca.” — TONY ISABELLA’S BLOGGY THING


“Papercutz had the good sense, once again, to acquire the North American rights to this funniest of family-friendly graphic novels. . . . Whether you read Ernest & Rebecca or someone reads it to you, there is no doubt you will enjoy the antics of this adorable little munchkin.” — KID LIT REVIEWS

Winner of the 2013 “Prix des Écoles” at the Angoulême Comics Festival!


“The book, full of summery colors and humor, still provides a touch of melancholy with the parents’ separation, something that’s never far from Rebecca’s thoughts. Readers who liked the first two volumes will beg for this one.” — BOOKLIST


“One of the most over looked titles of 2012 . . . Ernest and Rebecca is hysterical, heart-breaking, and everything in between.” — COMIC ATTACK “Best All-Ages Comics of 2012”


“Cute and expressive.” — SEQUENTIAL TART


“Ernest & Rebecca is an intriguing little series.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL


“Disney rarely looks this good, to be blunt. . . . It feels all the more like what Beverly Cleary was trying for in her own novels so many years back, with a fluidity that carries the adventurous hand-in-hand with the legitimate life lessons of the tale.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


“Ernest & Rebecca is Calvin and Hobbes for today’s generation of kids.” — COMIC ATTACK


“A clever and heartfelt read that will speak volumes to an adult reader, and give younger readers great characters they will want to return to in Volume 2.” — SPANDEXLESS


“Dalena’s art is lush and expressive, with an elegant line and Disney-like character designs.” — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


“From writing to art, we get a beautifully visual package that is fascinating from the first time to the re-read.” — COMIC ATTACK