Disney Fairies: Buzz

“Got daughters? If you do you’ve had some Tinker Bell in your life. She’s come a long way since the 1966 Disney animated film Peter Pan, she talks for one, and she’s got a plethora of fairy friends. It’s a good concept with a ton of messages about friendship, responsibility, and helping others.”—What’cha Reading? 



“I’ve really been enjoying sharing the world of comics with my kids, and one series we’ve been known to check out on occasion is DISNEY FAIRIES by Papercutz.”—The Rock Father



“These books are charming, self-contained stories with lively characters and colorful art.”—School Library Journal

“If you have a child obsessed with the Disney Fairies like my daughter is, then this is a must buy.” — COMICS IN THE CLASSROOM


“This book is adorable. . . . Just the perfect length to read at bedtime or anytime you want to snuggle up and read with your child. Every story has a moral and is beautifully done.” — JUST ONE MORE PARAGRAPH


“I always wondered why there were so many comics that appealed to boys, but nothing much was available for little girls. This has all changed with the great new Disney Fairies graphic novels.” — ALONG THE WAY


“Highly recommended, especially for established readers who are Disney Fairy fans.” — CURLED UP WITH A GOOD KIDS’ BOOK