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Exclusive Preview and Interview at THE MARY SUE

“An Open Letter to Teenage Me: Being Weird Is the Best Thing You Could Be” by Mariah McCourt at THE MARY SUE

NEW YORK MAGAZINE / VULTURE Interview with Mariah McCourt, 6/20

FORBES news story, 4/25

NEWSARAMA interview with Mariah McCourt, 4/13

HORROR NEWS NETWORK interview with Mariah McCourt and Aaron Alexovich, 5/13

Praise for STITCHED

“This is a cute first volume, and there is much to like …  The friendship is the best part of the series” – The Fish Shelf

“The art is incredibly strong…the characters have a rich design, the world is visually interesting. I’ll be looking forward to the second volume for sure.” – Comic Bas***ds

“A fantastic, fun and cute story with just enough action. Both adults and children will enjoy this.” – Inky Reviews

“This spooky, atmospheric mystery will be a great fit for fans of Neil Gaiman and Craig P. Russell’s Coraline.” – Booklist

“The artwork is fun, the colors amusing, but it’s the writing that really shines here.” – Logan Bruin

Each scene is full of sharp, bright artwork and all the characters are great.” – Moon Shine Art Spot

“[Alexovich’s] illustrations are perfect for this whimsical little horror comic. I loved looking at everything about as much as I liked reading about Crimson’s adventures – that’s to say I enjoyed it immensely.” – She’s Got Books on Her Mind

“I loved the artwork, the characters are likeable even in their flaws, and many of the situations were relatable despite the setting: peer pressure, insecurity and overconfidence, finding that boy you like is really a jerk… I look forward to seeing more of this series.” – Bookseller at Paper Plus South City

“My favourite thing about this book is the character designs, which were adorable. Every character has distinct features and a unique silhouette while still feeling like part of a cohesive whole.” – Educator