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Sarah Kuhn

Sarah Kuhn


SARAH KUHN is the author of Heroine Complex—the first in a series starring Asian American superheroines—for DAW Books.

Sarah also wrote the geek girl romantic comedy novella One Con Glory, which has been dubbed “Pride and Prejudice at Comic-Con.” One Con Glory earned praise from io9 and USA Today and is in development as a feature film.

Recently, she wrote The Ruby Equation (with artist Sally Jane Thompson) for the Eisner-nominated romance comics anthology Fresh Romance and , of course, BARBIE.

Alitha Martinez

Alitha Martinez


ALITHA E. MARTINEZ began her professional career began in 1999 penciling Iron Man for Marvel Entertainment. Since then, she’s worked on titles such as X-Men, Black Sun, Marvel Age Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Voltron, NBC’s Heroes, New 52 Batgirl, and Archie Comic’s New Crusaders. In her spare time she works on my creator-owned titles Yume and Ever, Foreign, and Ningyo. Which she publishes through her own company, Ariotstorm Productions, LLC.

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