Annoying Orange: Buzz

“I recommend ANNOYING ORANGE as terrific fun for the whole family. Especially if you, like me, can resist checking out the videos to see what started all this. Okay, maybe I could just watch one in the name of science.” — TONY ISABELLA


Diamond PREVIEWSworld paid a visit to Annoying Orange creator Danaboe at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the graphic novel series, and they have the video to prove it!


“The writing is kid-friendly and the humor is downright goofy. . . . A treat to get your kids through the spring fever that’s setting in, these last few weeks of school.” — WHAT’CHA READING?


“What sort of message is this to send out for younger readers? That imagination is something to treasure, to cultivate? Well, actually . . . that’s really pretty cool.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


INTERVIEW: Scott Shaw! over at Free Comic Book Day.


“Tweens and teens will enjoy this series the most.” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL “Pick Of the Week”


Annoying Orange is a fruit cocktail of humor, parody, and just plain fun, and you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out!” — COMIC RELATED


Diamond Bookshelf “Top 10 Titles For Kids” selection


“Goes from funny to bizarre within a few beats, and has a huge pay off at the end; it holds up against some of the best comedic comics out there.” — COMIC ATTACK


“Orange is indeed annoying, and the rest of his friends, lovers and enemies are every bit as colorful, without ever once crossing into offensible territory. . . . Shaw! and Kazaleh both are such masters at what they do.” — THE LOTTERY PARTY


Diamond PREVIEWS “Certified Cool!”


“Just in case you weren’t getting enough of The Annoying Orange from the anthropomorphic fruit’s YouTube channel, TV show, and iPhone game, the Annoying Orange will get his own comic book.” — NEW MEDIA ROCKSTARS


A Children’s Book Council “Hot Off the Press” Selection


“With a lineup that includes Ninjago, the Three Stooges, and Power Rangers, the Papercutz folks are all about having fun. And what could be more fun than Annoying Orange?” — SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL