Welcome to Charmz!

CHARMZ is a new line of romance comics just for you! With stories from all over the world, CHARMZ wants to celebrate the most important emotion in the world: love. Whether we’re hanging out in Somerset, UK, the wilds of France, speeding through space, or waking up in a cemetery, love finds our characters and digs right in.

Whether you’re in the mood for a (literally!) sweet tale about sisters, chocolate, and forbidden love, or exploring the mysterious darkness of Assumption Cemetery where vampires and swamp boys romance stitched girls, you’ll find a lot to relate to. Check out some of the great series below and get ready to be Charmed!

stitched _graphic


Crimson needs to find out who she is, why she woke up in a cemetery, and which (or is it witch?) boy she likes best.


Ana and the Cosmic Race

Ana is in the race of her life! The grand prize is Dr. Laslo’s space empire. But are her fellow racers trying to beat her or help her win?



Chloe is a girl who’s not sure of anything …  except that her family is SOOOOOO embarrassing.


Scarlet Rose

Swashbuckling adventure in 18th century France! Maud’s grandfather wants to turn her in to a “real lady”. But he doesn’t know that Maud is secretly the mysterious swordswoman known as the Scarlet Rose. And she’s on a mission to find out who murdered her father!



Sweet but a little sour, the Sweeties series explores tasty family dynamics, dealing with boys, and dealing with each other.



Sophia Campos is only just getting used to her new life with her divorced dad and managing their business of helping ghosts, when she meets a ghost girl who changes everything.


The world’s bestselling series and the modern-day Archie!