July 31, 2012

NEW MOUSE CITY — With the 2012 Olympic Games underway this week in London, The Rodent’s Gazette is reporting that the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Geronimo Stilton, has returned from a dangerous mission in time to preserve the event’s historic legacy. Graphic novel publisher Papercutz has revealed the entire story in GERONIMO STILTON #10: “Geronimo Stilton Saves the Olympics,” available now everywhere books are sold.

“Leave it to those nefarious Pirate Cats to try and ruin the Olympics for everyone, right before the opening ceremonies!” said inventor Professor Von Volt, Stilton’s ally. “Luckily, Geronimo, with the help of Petunia, Trap, and Bruce and Benjamin were able to keep them from altering history.”

The Pirate Cats, led by the mysterious Catardone III of Catatonia, traveled to Athens in 1896 right before the start of the first modern Olympic Games, but left a trail detected by Professor Von Volt. Stilton and team uncovered their scheme to cheat and win each event themselves, thereby changing history and potentially destroying the future of the Games. Further details on how they managed to foil the plot is detailed in the Papercutz graphic novel, which is licensed by Atlantyca Entertainment.

“This was one of Geronimo’s most important missions,” said Michele Foschini, Stilton’s personal assistant. “We felt it was important to not only tell the tale, but do so in a way that shows the importance of the Olympics to younger readers today.” Foschini and Stilton included historical notes throughout the exciting tale that paint an incredible picture of a momentous time for sports and the global community.

GERONIMO STILTON #10: “Geronimo Saves the Olympics” (56pp | Hardcover ISBN: 9781597073196 / $9.99) is written by Geronimo Stilton and illustrated by Federica Salfo and Mirka Andolfo. Papercutz graphic novels are available at all major retailers, bookstores, comic book stores, and digitally on


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Atlantyca Entertainment is a trans-media entertainment company based in Italy. It is the IP holder and manager for all of the Geronimo Stilton brands and all of its character spin-offs. The Production & Distribution division together with Moonscoop produced two seasons of the animated series Geronimo Stilton. Atlantyca’s Licensing division manages all of the Geronimo Stilton brands and is the appointed Italian agent for Le Petit Prince, Mouk, Code Lyoko, and Dive Olly Dive! The Foreign rights sales department in just five years has secured more than 3700 translation deals with over 130 leading publishers from around the world. Atlantyca’s Publishing division is responsible for having created and launched a series of loosely-based books for popular brands. In 2011, Atlantyca established Atlantyca Dreamfarm to expand its publishing operations, and the digital division Atlantyca LAB. In 2010 the company opened a Representative office in Bejing, China.


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