Acclaimed Web Publisher Emet Comics YA/Fantasy Graphic Novel to be New Super Genius Title


You’re 16-years old and recovering from a tragic car accident. Everyone tells you that your brother is dead but you keep seeing visions of him being carried in to the clouds by a mysterious flying boy. And the visions don’t stop there. You see shadowy figures, pirates, other worlds. Are you going crazy? Even your therapist isn’t sure. That’s why she wants you to draw your visions in a journal. That’s why she wants you to start THE WENDY PROJECT.

In Spring 2016 Papercutz scored a major hit with their publication of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis’ THE ONLY LIVING BOY, a title that began life as a web comic. So it’s no surprise that the company would be on the lookout for other digital properties that could successfully transition to the print graphic novel format. Enter McDuffie award nominees Emet Comics and their online sensation THE WENDY PROJECT. After the company’s agent, Dara Hyde, sent materials to Papercutz publisher Terry Nantier; the two companies quickly agreed that THE WENDY PROJECT should be the latest title in Papercutz’s Super Genius imprint.


Created by Melissa Jane Osborne (Campus Crush) and featuring stunning artwork by Veronica Fish (now the lead artist on Archie), THE WENDY PROJECT is a new take on the Peter Pan story and a coming of age tale with just the right amount of magic. Readers will be drawn to the compelling story and will empathize with Wendy as she seeks to answer the all-important question – is her journal just the imaginings of a troubled teen … or is it a portal to another world?

Papercutz is rapidly gaining a reputation for one of the most diverse lists in graphic novel publishing, and Emet CEO Maytal Gilboa believes that THE WENDY PROJECT is a natural addition to their line. “It’s been exciting to see the emergence of both female creators and diverse characters in the graphic novel category,” observed Gilboa. “And Papercutz has been at the forefront of this trend with titles like Deb Lucke’s THE LUNCH WITCH and Jessica Abel’s (upcoming) graphic novel TRISH TRASH. At Emet, our motto is ‘Comics by women, for everyone’ and Papercutz shares that sensibility. That’s why we chose to go with them for our first print project”


Papercutz Editor-in Chief Jim Salicrup admits he was sold as soon as he saw Veronica Fish’s beautiful artwork. “I’ve been a fan of Veronica’s since I first came across PIRATES OF MARS. But I think she’s taken her work to a new level with THE WENDY PROJECT. Her use of color reminded me of classic films like Powell & Pressburger’s A Matter of Life and Death, and I was hooked immediately. Reading Melissa’s moving story sealed the deal. I knew this was something we had to publish.”

PAPERCUTZ Publisher Terry Nantier feels Papercutz’s acquisition of THE WENDY PROJECT reflects a natural progression in both the company’s publishing and the interests of its readers. “As the longtime publisher of the DISNEY FAIRIES’ graphic novels, I know how involved kids can get with the world of Peter Pan,” he explained. “We created Super Genius to provide options for those readers of those books and other kids’ graphic novels as they got older. But we also wanted Super Genius titles to appeal to adult graphic novel readers as well. I can’t imagine a more perfect fit for this imprint than THE WENDY PROJECT.”

Pages from THE WENDY PROJECT Chapter 1 5

Papercutz will publish THE WENDY PROJECT as a stand-alone graphic novel in Spring 2017, and both Gilboa and Nantier are committed to creating a final product that highlights the beauty of its source material. “We’re talking about all sorts of different options that will really make this an ‘object of desire’,” explained Gilboa. “We want to create a book that will thrill existing fans and prove irresistible to new readers as well.” Added Nantier, “From Melissa and Veronica to the entire editorial and production team, everyone working on this book is going out of their way to create something truly special.”



Barbie final color flawless

Leading Comics Publisher to Develop Series of New Graphic Novels Based on #1 Fashion Doll

Global toy leader Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT) today announced a new partnership with Papercutz, “the #1 Kids’ Graphic Novel Publisher”.  The agreement gives Papercutz rights to create comics based on the company’s BARBIE character, the best-selling fashion doll that has become a cultural icon.

The new partnership will let Papercutz create new material based on the hit BARBIE media properties and on the core franchise. The goal is to provide a range of graphic novels that complement the many ways that children interact with Barbie—from animated movies to interactive media to traditional toys—and to reflect the modern sensibilities and focus on diversity that Mattel has brought to the franchise.

The first three titles slated for launch as graphic novels are an eponymous BARBIE series and individual volumes based on the BARBIE STARLIGHT and BARBIE PUPPY ADVENTURE DVD movies. BARBIE and BARBIE: PUPPY PARTY will launch in September 2016, with BARBIE STARLIGHT following in October. All three series will be available in both paperback and hardcover. These three properties are just the start of the ambitious Mattel/Papercutz publishing program. Plans call for more series to debut in the first half of 2017, with new installments and new series appearing each season.

“BARBIE is one of the great kids’ properties, and I couldn’t imagine a better addition to our publishing lineup,” explained Papercutz Publisher Terry Nantier. “There’s never been a more exciting time to be a BARBIE fan, and we can’t wait to be a part of her new adventures. As Mattel guides the character in to new situations and life experiences, these new graphic novels will play a pivotal role in telling her story. Together, we’re going to create a series of publications that will delight and thrill a whole new generation of BARBIE fans.”

BARBIE VOL. 1 and BARBIE: PUPPY PARTY VOL. 1 will be on sale at comicbook stores, online retailers and bookstores everywhere on September 13th.

Acclaimed Punk Rock Artist John Holmstrom Provides Cover for Latest Issue of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE


Hey ho, let’s go! To an awesome metal concert. In the latest issue of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE (on sale December 28th), Nickelodeon cartoon stars head to a rockin’ music spectacular. The Tuff Skulls finally get their big break, opening for the world famous Mega Maidenz. But when S & C enter an air guitar contest at the show, they shred so hard they literally blow the roof off the joint! What happens next? You’ll have to pick up the issue to find out.

Of course, if you’re going to capture that true rock and roll spirit, it helps to work with artists who are as much a part of the scene as the music themselves. That’s why Papercutz reached out John Holmstrom, cover artist for the legendary Ramones’ albums “Rocket to Russia” and “Road to Ruin” and a co-founder of the groundbreaking PUNK Magazine.

“My old friend (Papercutz Editor-in-Chief) Jim Salicrup reached out to me because he thought I’d get a kick out of this story. When I read it, I was reminded me of my own early experiences with rock and roll,” noted Holmstrom, “So I was happy to contribute a piece that helped convey the fun and excitement of being in a band. And for the record, I think Sanjay and Craig are pretty punk! “

Holmstrom is no stranger to comics , having created Bosko “America’s least favorite cartoon character” and contributed comic stripo material to numerous publications including SPIN and HEAVY METAL.

“John is an art and music legend,” exclaimed Papercutz Editor-in-Chief Jim Salicrup, “and we’re proud to feature his first national magazine cover. There’s no doubt in my mind that when the Tuff Skulls finally get signed to major label, they’ll be tapping John for some album cover art. Or iTunes art. Or whatever way kids will be interacting with art and music in the near future. No matter what the medium, John’s talent will let them know, this stuff rocks!”

NICKELODEON MAGAZINE #7, featuring Holmstrom’s cover and the Sanjay and Craig story “Guitarmed and Dangerous” is on sale December 28th at newsstands and bookstores everywhere.

BREADWINNERS Graphic Novels are here!

The BREADWINNERS have arrived! Their tricked out, flying bread delivery truck comes straight from Pondgea and onto the shelves in their first graphic novel -based on the Nickelodeon cartoon created by Gary “Doodles” DiRaffaele and Steve Borst!

BREADWINNERS #1 “Journey to the Bottom of the Seats” features four stories- a great deal for your dough! Written by Stefan Petrucha with art by Allison Strejlau and Mike Kazaleh, and each story is a wild ride with duck protagonists SwaySway (blue hat) and Buhdeuce (red hat) .

BREADWINNERS can be seen as a love letter to video games. The characters “level up” and have their own “signature moves” and often times the stories get totally qwazy . Their holiday tribute “A Crustmas Story” airs on Nickelodeon Friday, December 11 at 8pm.

For more BREADWINNERS, see their adventures in NICKELODEON MAGAZINE or check out the special preview of the first BREADWINNERS graphic novel right here!.

Papercutz Advance Copies and Exclusives at New York Comic Con!

Papercutz Advance Copies and Exclusives at New York Comic Con!


We’ll have a ton of advance editions and show exclusives at this week’s Comic Con! We will feature a hand-picked assortment of the newest Papercutz titles.

Many books will be show premieres including :



Scarlett Vol 1 Cover


Red Shoes and Other Tales Cover

THE RED SHOES AND OTHER TALES– with exclusive “Advance Festival Edition” stamp (limited run for the Edinburgh Internation Festival. Only 250 copies made!)

Smurfs & Friends Vol 1 cover

Smurfs & Friends Vol 1 cover



We will also have recent hits:

sanjay_and_craig_01SANJAY AND CRAIG #1: “Fight the Future with Flavor”




Geronimo Stilton 16

EuroBooks, a new initiative promoting translated books, will have a special stand at Comic-Con,  letting everyone know where they can find  as some old favorites like DANCE CLASS, ARIOL, and DINOSAURS! These series will be available at our booth as well!
Bring a book bag!