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General Usage
Papercutz Resource Kits are tools to help our retail, library, press, and educational partners get the most use out of Papercutz books. The PDF documents are designed for both desktop printing and professional offset printing, however, if you should ever require a higher resolution file, just send a note to VP of Marketing Sven Larsen at larsen@papercutz.com.

All material contained in the kits are pre-approved for one-time printing and display in your store, library, school, publication, and/or website; no need to ask us for permission! We encourage you to run these off, hang them up, post pictures online, and generally have a blast. The material in the kits is NOT intended to create products for resale or to create multiple copies of promotional materials for giveaway. If you would like a set of promo materials (posters, mini-comics, etc.), send a note to Sven and we’ll make this happen.

Not every kit will contain all of these, but here’s a brief description of some items you might find in a Papercutz Resource Kit.

This is a mini-comic preview of the graphic novel series. It can be printed and displayed as a standalone publication or the individual images within can be used separately.

Consumer Poster
Designed to be a poster for fans/readers/students, this fun collectible can also be used as a secondary in-store or in-library sign.

Countertop Display
The graphics within this document can be printed and used for a standard countertop corrugate display, and the elements are designed to fit each book’s individual trim size. If you have a display template that doesn’t conform to these specs, just let us know and we’ll send you files that do! Also, if you ever have any other display needs (sidekicks, clip strips, etc.), let Papercutz or one of our distributors know and we’ll take care of it.

These are low-res, web-ready preview images for your website!

Retail Poster
Designed to be an in-store or in-library sign promoting the books, with a blank space set aside for your logo.

Sell Sheet
A handy little sheet with everything you need to know about the series, including marketing plans, brand highlights, a synopsis, and even more cool artwork!

Shelf Talkers
When printed out on cardstock, these little guys help draw attention to the books onshelf and can liven up your space with some colorful artwork! One is a standard fold down design and the other requires cutting around a piece of character art that extends above the shelf.

Teacher’s Guide
Our Teacher’s Guides are written by experts in both the Common Core Standards and graphic novels in general, with an emphasis on Language Arts. The guides also address secondary subject areas when applicable to the story.